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A guide to reduce risk and accelerate product innovations. This toolkit will help you to prototype and validate new service concepts with a focus on long-term outcomes.

Digital Accelerator activities


Stakeholder alignment

Workshops and one-to-one meetings to align the team and key stakeholders around a shared vision for the project and:

  • map out broader stakeholders and other ‘actors’
  • agree desirable outcomes and how to measure success
  • establish any assumptions and hypotheses
  • declare risks and discuss mitigation
  • understand security, privacy, and policy constraints
  • identify key users to engage in research

Primary and secondary research

Review existing data, documents and insights and fill any gaps in understanding of user needs through:

  • Observation of user behaviours in context
  • Segmenting users with personas and typologies
  • Semi-structured interviews with target users
  • Auditing insights from past research into user needs
  • Analysing existing data to understand current performance and user satisfaction
  • Learning from case studies and best practice

Analysis and ideation

Working with the core team and relevant stakeholders to:

  • map out future service touchpoints
  • create storyboards to inform prototype development
  • enrich personas based on user research insights
  • identify mindsets that exist across persona groups
  • map existing user journeys to capture pain points and barriers to access
  • run collaborative sketching sessions to generate creative ideas that address opportunities

Technical exploration

Research, technical prototyping and consultation with other teams to explore and understand:

  • technical roadmap across the organisation
  • current and emerging technologies and how they might add value
  • security, privacy and data storage requirements - what needs to be recorded, and what is not recorded
  • technical requirements of proposed solutions
  • dependencies and integrations with other systems

Prototyping and testing

An iterative process to test concepts and technologies involving:

  • creating paper prototypes and other artefacts to gain early feedback on concepts
  • high-resolution, interactive prototypes to test user journeys and specific features
  • user-testing with actual users to iterative development
  • iterating based on feedback and retesting revised prototypes with additional users gathering evidence to support future decisions

Playback and reporting

Sharing progress, insights and decisions with stakeholders throughout the process:

  • Regular show & tells to share learnings, state intentions and gather feedback
  • Sharing updates in group chat, blog posts and week notes
  • A final report/presentation containing:
    • A prioritised list of user stories describing features against user needs
    • A set of principles to guide future work
    • Relevant data and metrics to track performance and measure success

What you get

The physical outputs of a Digital Accelerator phase provide evidence to support future decisions. They may vary depending on context but will generally include:

  • Stakeholder map
  • Risk logs
  • Personas/typologies
  • As-is/to-be user journeys and service maps
  • System map
  • Validated prototypes
  • Guiding principles
  • Recommendations report

Who we’ve done it for

Fulfilling-ongoing-application-support-for-new products

On-street lamppost electric vehicle charging solution for residents


Transforming sexual health services in the UK

NHS Trust

Helping patients to report their symptoms online

What people say about us

Chris Howroyd | CEO | SH:24

Unboxed brought the right people together quickly to help us test our proposition and rapidly turn our vision into a live service, designed around our users' needs.

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A typical Unboxed team

Unboxed provides design and technology expertise to augment your internal team, expanding knowledge and building capability and confidence within your organisation.

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Working together


Augmenting internal teams and respectfully introducing new thinking:

  • a single team with a shared vision and a trusting no-blame culture
  • learning sessions to introduce concepts and techniques
  • on-the-job coaching and mentoring
  • accessible cloud-based tools to support collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • virtual, in-person, and hybrid workshops and meetings to ensure all are included
  • open communication to encourage engagement and feedback, and ensure visibility
  • regular checkpoints to ensure internal and external accountability

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